Analytical Testing


Topics Include:
  • The current and upcoming challenges that come with introducing cannabis into the Canadian medical system. 
  • Strategies for helping patients and buyers understand the quality of cannabis products. 
  • The difficulty of standardizing edible cannabis products.  
  • Cost evaluation for producing and selling cannabis extracts. 
  • The role of test labs for cannabis products.
  • How to ensure the lab your working with is providing accurate results. 
  • What are PHA’s and when should they be tested for? 
Questions Being Answered:
  • What challenges come with bringing cannabis into the mainstream medical market?
  • What defines a quality cannabis product and how can prescribers and sellers convey this to their patients and buyers? 
  • From a laboratory perspective, what are the anticipated costs for producing and selling cannabis extracts? 
  • What role do test labs play in ensuring that new product formats are safe for consumers? 
  • What and how exactly are lab testing services testing cannabis products? 
  • Should cultivators be testing for PHA’s in their cannabis crops?


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