Branding & Marketing


Topics include:
  • Regulation compliant marketing strategies for cannabis companies.
  • Diversity and representation with the cannabis industry.
  • Media marketing within more traditional, mass-consumed media outlets.
  • Celebrity promotion of cannabis.
  • How to separate your company from big business cannabis corporations.
Some questions answered:
  • How can cannabis companies become more aware of diversity and representation when considering their brands image and marketing strategy?
  • How can cannabis companies navigate media marketing in this time of stringent media restrictions?
  • How can cannabis companies show consumers they aren’t like big corporations and are dedicated to crafting products with care?
  • What are some examples of marketing campaigns marketing experts consider successful?
  • How can cannabis companies that value diversity create inclusive work environments?

Rachel Colic


A brand strategist since 2004, Rachel Colic has blazed her reputation by digging deep to understand the ‘why’ that fuels consumer behaviour. Armed with meticulously researched and finely crafted insights, Rachel develops fully integrated brand experiences for customers, and exponential growth for businesses.

Rachel is a frequent writer and speaker on strategic branding, marketing to women and using cannabis as medicine. As chief strategist for YCREATIVE, a brand strategy and design agency specializing in the cannabis industry, Rachel works closely with Licensed Producers, cannabis start-ups and ancillary businesses throughout Canada and the United States.

Rachel is also the founder of Eves of Eden, a cannabis lifestyle and education brand for women in Canada; co-host of The High Friends podcast which is in its second season of sharing stories of women who unapologetically love cannabis; a mentor and advisor for Leaf Forward, Canada’s first cannabis business-accelerator program; Host and Producer of the newly launched cable television program Cannabis TV, which broadcasts modern cannabis education for curious Canadians every week on the CHCH network; and the founder of The BLOC (Boss Ladies of Cannabis) the global database of executive women in the cannabis industry.

Jennifer Mason

JLM Strategic Marketing

Jennifer is a dynamic and charismatic leader known to inspire teams to drive transformational business results. She is a passionate integrated marketer that has executed numerous large and small high-profile marketing campaigns for major consumer brands seen by millions of people over her 20 year+ career, including Coca-Cola, Coors Light, Ontario Tourism, CIBC, Subway, Nestlé and TessPay to name a few.

Jennifer loves working directly with clients to truly understand their business and marketing challenges in order to develop cutting-edge and innovative brand strategies that stand out and get noticed. Her ability to create a positive dynamic with a diverse group of people and inspire teams means she’s much in demand. Most recently, she developed and hosted the first annual New Heights Cannabis Marketing Summit in Toronto to a sold-out audience of senior-level marketers from all aspects of the cannabis industry. Her latest cannabis property launching in the GTA in June 2019 is a series of Cannabis Education for Medical Professionals.

Megan Henderson


Megan Henderson is the Executive Producer for, an exciting new Postmedia editorial brand. The site is focused on delivering the latest information about cannabis to a wide-ranging audience interested in the business, news, health and culture of cannabis. Megan is leading TheGrowthOp’s editorial strategy as well as contributing content. With over a decade of experience in marketing, advertising and custom content, Megan brings experience and a passion for the potential of cannabis to her role.

Patrick Moher

Ethical Image

Patrick has a deep background in the creative industry, having been a lead photographer and commercial sales manager for one of the top studios in Toronto. His work has seen him travel the world to beautiful destinations such as Barbados, Bahamas & London, and photographed for a diverse set of clients including billionaires, international publications, and NHL players. After experiencing success in the capital markets of cannabis - he founded Ethical Image to merge passion, profession, and philanthropic initiatives into a legacy-oriented company. Since setting up shop, Ethical Image had worked with some of the top LP’s, CEO’s, and educational organizations in the industry, with the best yet to come.


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