Topics Include:
  • The anticipated value of solventless extracts.
  • Uses for cannabis trim.
  • Solventless extracts in the medical field.
  • Shelf stability for retail cannabis extracts. 
  • The future of extract formulations.
  • The relationship between analytical testers and extract developers. 
  • Common myths about extracts. 
Questions Being Answered:
  • What are the different ways cannabis cultivators can use their cannabis trim? 
  • What is the anticipated cost for solventless cannabis extract for consumers?
  • What role will extracts play in the medical sphere and how accessible will they be to those who can benefit from extracts medically?
  • What exactly does the “full-spectrum” label mean on cannabis products?
  • How does the relationship between extract developers and laboratory testers influence the extracted product? 
  • How can companies educate their consumers about cannabis attributes, beyond the misconceived importance of Sativa and Indica.


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