Security & Distribution


Topics include:
  • Transporting cannabis products securely.
  • Distributing cannabis products.
  • Storage options for visual monitoring data.
  • Safety of using Canada Post when shipping cannabis products.
  • Risks associated with working with a non-compliant vendor and how to avoid them.
Some questions answered:
  • What security features are needed for business-to-business deliveries?
  • Concerning transportation security, which security procedures are most important and why?
  • In terms of security, how strict are licensing requirements and would it be enough for my business to just meet the minimum?
  • Will blockchain have a more prominent role in cannabis security in the future?
  • How safe is shipping cannabis product through the Canada Post?

Lisa Campbell

Lifford Cannabis Solutions

Lisa Campbell became a true cannabis expert by working extensively in international drug policy with Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy and is currently the Chair of the Ontario Cannabis Consumer & Retail Alliance. Lisa is founder and CEO of Lifford Cannabis Solutions, helping cannabis companies come to market across all ten provinces, leveraging Lifford’s national salesforce and longstanding partnerships with provincial control boards. Lisa holds a Master of Environmental Studies from York University and is a Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Universities Without Walls alumnus.

Craig Carstensen

Pineapple Express Delivery

As a CITT certified leader in distribution center management and transportation, Craig has been consistently successful in increasing productivity by implementing nimble distribution systems, streamlining operations, and optimizing processes all while keeping an eye on driving down costs. He has a well-honed ability to reduce transportation rates and revamp product warehousing to yield superior results and reach near-perfect on-time delivery records. One of his strong suits is an unwavering focus on the customer —the ability to truly listen to customers and customize a plan to perfectly address their needs. Craig likes to create work environments that are collegial, engaged, and highly productive. He strives for team members to take ownership and hold accountability for the work they do. As a result, he has developed teams that are very loyal and willing to take on new initiatives and projects.

David Hyde

3 Sixty Secure Corp

David Hyde is President of 3|Sixty Secure Corp. Over a 33-year career, he has advised governments and corporations, secured some of Canada’s most iconic landmarks and built the security program for a $19 billion global corporation. David has extensive experience and unrivalled success in security consultation within the regulated cannabis sector across Canada and globally.

Over the past six years, David’s team has provided security and licensing advisory services to over 450 cannabis production sites, including 60% of federally-licensed producers of cannabis in Canada. David’s team has also worked on 100+ retail cannabis store applications across five provinces and on First Nations land.

David holds a Master of Science degree (with distinction) in Security & Risk Management from the University of Leicester and was a long-time security lecturer at the University of Calgary.


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