Ilya Serebryany,
Founder & CEO, Loosh Inc.

Mr. Ilya Serebryany is the Founder and CEO of Loosh Inc. Loosh’s portfolio of infused edibles is positioned to be one of Canada’s preferred choices by cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis curious for their medical and recreational brands.

Prior to establishing Loosh Inc, Mr. Serebryany was a senior executive at one of the largest commercial bakery manufacturing companies in North America. Mr. Serebryany has extensive food industry experience spanning over 25 years. He has a proven domestic and international track record delivering tremendous consecutive years of growth and accelerated the expansion of the company’s revenue from $40 million to $640 million in a highly competitive environment.

As a leader, he is known for inspiring and motivating multi-functional teams to work together toward a higher goal. His relationship-building skills and entrepreneurial spirit have provided tremendous opportunities for growth in developed and emerging industries.

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What was 10-year-old you’s favourite drink?


If you could grow a garden of only one thing (besides cannabis), what would it be?


What’s your go-to-guilty-pleasure snack?

Salt and Vinegar Ruffles

Say you had your face painted, what would you be?

Bono - from the rock band U2

Oct 18 | Artscape Launchpad

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