Nicole Rogano
Project Manager, SOSCIA

Nicole has been working in the construction industry for over 10 years. With a wide variety of experience, from Site Supervision and Field Consulting to Project Management, she has seen it all and is familiar with a myriad of trades and disciplines. She specializes in fast-tracking municipal approvals, ensuring that clients have shovels in the ground sooner, leaving the competition in the dust. For the past 3 years, Nicole has been heavily involved in the cannabis industry, working with many producers and building an extensive network. She has completed projects ranging from retro-fits of existing buildings to complete designs of new facilities, taking these projects from conceptual design to obtaining building permits and Health Canada approvals.

Let's get a little more personal...

What was 10-year-old you’s favourite drink?

Chocolate Milk

If you could grow a garden of only one thing (besides cannabis), what would it be?


What’s your go-to-guilty-pleasure snack?


Say you had your face painted, what would you be?

The alien from Mars Attacks!

Oct 18 | Artscape Launchpad

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