Paul Dhillon
Technical Account Executive, FluroTech

Paul Dhillon is a Technical Account Executive with FluroTech. FluroTech (TSXV: TEST, OTCQB: FLURF) is an Alberta based technology company that is changing how people view the cannabis and hemp testing industry. FluroTech is currently focused on providing cannabis cultivators with a fast, accurate and cost-effective alternative to traditional laboratory testing. Their flagship technology, CompleTestâ„¢, utilizes fluorescence spectroscopy technology to provide cultivators with a portable, accurate, and efficient way to measure the THC and CBD in their product (with pesticide and heavy metal testing not far behind).

Paul sits on the board of the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association and is also the founder of Cultivated Solutions, an e-learning and talent development company that fills educational gaps in the emerging cannabis industry. He is an experienced Customer Relations Specialist with expertise developing strategy, implementing sales initiatives, and building high-performing teams.

Paul believes sustaining high levels of sales comes from lasting customer relationships that inspire customer loyalty. He has dedicated himself to battling public misconceptions of cannabis and introducing new users to responsible use practices.

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