Saeideh Mohajer
Chief Operating Officer, Rubicon Exotic

As a forward-thinker that excels at translating a vision into actions and taking the necessary steps to create the future. Saeideh was recently appointed Chief Operating Officer for Rubicon Exotic. As an innovation advocate, she is most known for her energy and passion to solve problems and create value by engineering a culture of collaboration into the DNA of an organization and leverages storytelling as a critical tool for creating a path towards a breakthrough. With fifteen years of progressive leadership experience consulting within the healthcare sector, Saeideh has helped large multi-national organizations develop and implement long-term sustainable competitive strategies and has been Instrumental to the execution and delivery of the organization’s growth and strategic objectives.

Having recently completed a Global Executive MBA with Rotman School Of Management, Saeideh co-founded Omnium Global, a Biotech consulting firm in the medical devices and biotech space where she continues to hold an advisory role helping organizations secure venture capital, build master strategies and commercialize. Saeideh has been a board member and continues to sit on the board of Access Community Fund.

Let's get a little more personal...

What was 10-year-old you’s favourite drink?


If you could grow a garden of only one thing (besides cannabis), what would it be?

Basil infused with love

What’s your go-to-guilty-pleasure snack?

What isn't? I have a real sweet tooth! Right now I'm obsessed with chocolate covered almonds!

Say you had your face painted, what would you be?

I'm already super tanned, so perhaps princess Jasmine?

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