Taylor Slade
Master Grower, Robes Cannabis

Taylor Slade is the head grower for Robes Cannabis, responsible for all future grow operations. Currently, he is assisting with the design and build-out of a new facility. As an experienced Cannabis plant cultivator in both MMAR and ACMPR, he specializes in cultivation, cultivar selection, breeding, and micropropagation.

Taylor graduated from Fanshawe College with a Bachelors in Biotechnology, focusing on genetics and plant Sciences. As a Research Assistant for Dow’s Agroscience division, he has experience in breeding and tissue culturing plant varieties. As Lead Grower for Emblem he helped oversee the grow department and established the R&D division, concentrating on phenohunting and strain selection.

He is looking forward to producing top tier flower, and developing new cultivars with Robes Cannabis.

Let's get a little more personal...

What was 10-year-old you’s favourite drink?

Chocolate milk

If you could grow a garden of only one thing (besides cannabis), what would it be?


What’s your go-to-guilty-pleasure snack?

Domino's Cheesy Bread

Say you had your face painted, what would you be?

Mike Tyson Tattoo

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